Alex Thiel

AI programmer

Alex was responsible for creating the two different AI algorithms, using previous experience and research to help him along the way.

Jack Ketcham

Web Developer & Designer

Jack created the website design and backend to connect the Applet to a database for storage of all collected game and player data. He used PHP, MySQL, JQuery, HTML5 and CSS3 to get the job done, and used a responsive framework, Foundation, to make the site friendly with all screen sizes.

Tyler Compton

Java game programmer

Tyler came up with the design for the Java game that both the humans and AI would play, and created it using Java and the LWJGL library. Tyler and Jack worked together to get the Applet communicating with the backend of the website.

Daniel La Rosa

Project management, programmer & data analyst

Daniel helped Tyler create the Java game, making the map layout that would run in the game and helping debug code. He kept crucial documents for the team and helped define the scope of the project. Once data collection begins, he will be helping run the process of analyzing the information.

Jeremiah Sweeney

Project management & data analyst

Jeremiah created the outline for data to be collected from running the game, and will be working with Daniel in analyzing that information. He created team documents that guided the path of the project from beginning to completion, helped create the final hypothesis that we would be testing, and gave feedback on the design of the game and website.


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